BCF Life Sciences specialises in the extraction of natural Amino Acids

  • In their purified and isolated form (traced L-Cystine, traced L-Tyrosine).
  • In L-form only (levogyre) to guarantee their bioavailability.
  • In the form of a mix of 17 free amino acids, which are characterised by their nutritional, technological or aromatic properties.

BCF Life Sciences also specialises in the production of Carbocisteine, an active pharmaceutical ingredient manufactured through the synthesis of L-Cystine, which is extracted on the same site to guarantee the traced origin.

BCF Life Sciences’ amino acids are extracted and purified using a controlled process comprising more than 25 production stages (precipitation, separation, concentration, crystallisation, drying etc.). These stages all take place within dedicated systems, guaranteeing that there is no cross-contamination. Every parameter is measured and recorded in a batch file, which accompanies the product until its release.


  • We take account of our clients’ requirements in terms of the packaging, labelling, physicochemical and bacteriological specifications of their products.
  • Our clients also benefit from our expertise in regulatory matters, such as export documentation or regulation advises.

  • We can also work with our customers on the basis of a quality charter.
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