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Cysti-White® : efficacy for a bright innovation

Having a light and homogenous skin is very important for Asian people according to their culture. This raises also a growing interest for European and American people; hyperpigmentation and dark spots are considered as unsightly in relation to premature skin ageing and skin damages.

 Considering the functional properties of Traced L-Cystine, we have made the hypothesis that this amino acid associated to L-Glutathione as food supplement by oral route permits to accelerate clear melanin production and produce consequently a safe skin lightening effect.

To prove it, a 90-day double-blind clinical study has been performed and have demonstrated that 750 mg of Cysti-White® daily intake composed of Traced L-Cystine associated to Glutathione, and supplemented with antioxidants, amino acids, trace-elements & vitamins, significantly enhances the skin lightening on face and arms and reduces the dark spots size on the face. 

                  Joël Duperray / R&D Manager