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Leafamine® is a mix of 17 amino acids, 80% of which are in the form of free amino acids.

Thanks to its nutritional and technical properties, Leafamine® is generally considered to be a biostimulant.

Leafamine® is obtained by means of a unique process that also gives it a foodstuff status that permits unrestricted use (BCF Life Sciences registered under the number 56 159 05 pursuant to regulation EC 852/2004). This production process also ensures the stability of the product’s composition and the complete, rapid solubility of the powder.

Leafamine® has many different applications. Indeed, Leafamine® can be applied using foliar feed techniques for field crops or in horticultural environments and is also suitable for all types of market gardening or hydroponic applications.


In this way, Leafamine® contributes to the nutrition of the micro-organisms in the soil as well as to the direct stimulation of plant growth.

This in turn stimulates seed germination and improves plant resistance to external sources of aggression such as water or thermal stress as well as after plant pruning.

Leafamine® is thus of direct benefit in improving yields and/or stabilising crops during periods of stress, enhancing the quality of fruit and vegetables, and in particular their colour…