Baby food applications

BCF Life Sciences is currently considered to be a specialist in these markets by the leading players in the baby food and food supplements industries. All the amino acids marketed by BCF Life Sciences are of 100% French origin and produced at a site registered in conformity with European regulations (EC 852/2004). This permits full traceability.

Baby Food & Infant Nutrition. (Technical data sheets for Cystine / L-Tyrosine & Tyrosine Low Phenylalanine)

L-Cystine and L-Tyrosine are used in the field of infant nutrition in order to establish a balanced amino acid reference profile in hypoallergenic formulas for infant consumption.

For babies with phenylketonuria, BCF Life Sciences can also supply a Low-Phenylalanine grade.

Why choose our amino acids?

  • Fully integrable powder grade
  • Traced, monitored quality
  • Produced 100% in France at a registered, approved site
  • Quality permitting inclusion in hypoallergenic formulas
  • Non-human origin in compliance with regulations, produced at a registered, approved site.
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