Enhance feed attractiveness and improve growth

Free amino acids

To improved performance in aquaculture

Kera Aqua

A unique mix of 17 natural free amino acids.

The origin of BCF Life Sciences products is a renewable bio-resource raw material. This procurement approach is part of a sustainable circular economy. From a single source, poultry feather, Amino Acids are extracted from keratin, the unique matrix composing the feathers.

This sustainable protein source contributes significantly to the reduction of marine inputs in formulations. In addition, by helping to improve food efficiency, it helps to preserve the resource and limit the impact on water quality.

Our products are composed of 17 amino acids mainly in free form (aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, cystine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine, arginine).

The low molecular weight of these amino acids gives them a level of digestibility close to 100% and rapid assimilation by young organisms. In addition, these small molecules are easily detected by shrimp chemoreceptors and strongly stimulate food intake. The benefits result in a significant improvement in zootechnical performance.

Kera Stim 50
Kera Stim 60 BCF Life Sciences


Total AA: 50,5%
Free AA: 47,1%
% Free AA: 93,3%

Kera Stim 50 BCF Life Sciences


Total AA: 50,5%
Free AA: 47,1%
% Free AA: 93,3%

Kera Start 80 BCF Life Sciences


Total AA: 87,8%
Free AA: 81,5%
% Free AA: 92,8%

Our products are supported by

a strong proven performance policy based on research and development and on the sharing of our results.

  • 12 field tests 2020
  • 63 field trials in 2021
  • 34 tests in collaboration with technical centres
  • 15 articles
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A sustainable offer

in the service of performance

Sustainable development

Reduction of marine inputs

Reduces food waste

Helps preserve water quality

Low molecular weight

< 800Da

High digestibility

Rapid uptake by juveniles

Concentrated powder form

Diminution des volumes transportés

Facilité de stockage et de dosage


Stimulates chemoreceptors in aquatic species

Reduces detection time

Increases food intake

AA form L

Directly available to living organisms

Zootechnical performance

Drives growth

Improves food efficienc

Reduces RCF (Feed Conversion Rate)


Improves survival under normal conditions

Improves survival in infectious challenge conditions (WSSV, AHPND, WFS)

Stimulates enzyme activity

Improves antioxidant status