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All Cystines are not alike

L-Cystine plays a very specific role in the history of our company because BCF Life Sciences is the only European producer that can boast 30 years of specialist experience in the extraction of L-Cystine.

Thanks to its clear, focused long-term strategy, BCF Life Sciences is a specialist player in the Cystine premium segment and our customers benefit from guaranteed end-to-end traceability at the level of processes, methods and raw materials.

Since the company’s creation in 1986, we have always kept our promise not to outsource any of our products. Consequently, all the L-Cystine sold by BCF Life Sciences is 100% manufactured by BCF Life Sciences in France. From the very outset, BCF Life Sciences has exclusively used poultry Keratin as its raw material. This is a strategic option on which we have never compromised, despite the fact that human hair constitutes a cheaper input material and one which is frequently used by L-Cystine manufacturers.

Purchasers of L-Cystine – often unaware that use of this human tissue is strictly forbidden on the European and other nutraceuticals and human food markets- involuntarily jeopardize their company’s reputation. This is one of the main reasons why BCF Life Sciences is the first choice of many high-profile pharmaceuticals, infant nutrition and nutraceuticals producers, which also appreciate the company’s transparency, traceability, supply consistency and ability to accompany customers in their long-term growth.

As a key global producer of L-Cystine, BCF Life Sciences’ intention in this scientific brochure is to provide a full review of all the proven benefits of L-Cystine and the most recent scientific publications relating to it, not only in its role as a hair beauty enhancer or nail revitalizing agent but also, for example, as a Glutathione synthesis enhancer and therefore as a powerful body antioxidant.

We hope that this brochure will astonish you with its description of the contribution made by L-Cystine to human beauty and health.

   Jacques Pidoux / Chairman                                            Renaud Sergheraert / CEO


L-cystine is recommended in the treatment of various forms of hair disorders

  • L-cystine is the principal protein component of keratin, the main hair protein which contains 17,5% of L-cystine
  • Clinical nutrition trials demonstrate interest of daily supplementation with 500 mg L-cystine (preferably associated with B-vitamins, zinc, and retinol).
  • Significant decrease in L-cystine (2–14%) has been reported in human hair treated with permanent-waving products.
  •  Hair relaxers use is associated with reduced L-cystine content (56 to 88%), consistent with fragile damaged hair.

L-cystine is regarded as a nail revitalizing agent

  • Nails are composed of a high sulfur type of keratin, containing up to 18% L-cystine.
  • The nail grows approximately 2 to 3 mm per month (i.e. 0,1 mm daily) with complete replacement achieved in 6 to 9 months.

L-cystine is a precursor of GSH, one of the most important body antioxidant.

  • Increasing the supply of L-cystine prevents GSH deficiency under various nutritional and pathological conditions (including protein malnutrition, adult respiratory distress syndrome,HIV, and AIDS)
  • GSH levels in normal lenses decrease gradually with increasing age.
  • GSH is depleted in cataract: the number of protein thiol groups is less than 10% of that found in normal lens.
  • Critically ill patients receiving enteral or parenteral nutrition, enriched with L-cystine, exhibit improved GSH synthesis.