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We are delighted to provide you with this brochure devoted to L-Tyrosine and the demonstration of its effectiveness.

L-Tyrosine is an aromatic amino acid that plays a vital bodily role as a precursor of the neurotransmitters, better known under the names norepinephrine and epinephrine, sometimes referred to as adrenaline and noradrenaline.

The many scientific publications cited here set out in detail the benefits of L-tyrosine, which are little known despite the fact that it is a valuable candidate for use in the management of stress, mental fatigue or mood, as well as for improving cognitive abilities or for stimulating memory.

L-tyrosine is also the precursor compound for the melanogenic pathway that leads to the formation of melanins, the pigments that occur in the skin, hair and the pigmented coat of the retina. Sufficient L-tyrosine availability is crucial for melanin synthesis and L-tyrosine supplementation has a desirable effect in animals and in humans, when intensive colouring of the hair/skin is required.

We therefore hope that this brochure will enable you to discover its effectiveness in the human sphere as well as in the animal world. It is in North America that the most food supplements containing L-Tyrosine are to be found, whereas Europe and South-East Asia, for example, are continents where these are very underused. That is why, for all specialist players in the field of human and animal health and nutrition, L-Tyrosine represents an outstanding opportunity to develop solutions based on its proven effectiveness and incontestable scientific credentials.

L-Tyrosine plays a very specific role in the history of our company because BCF Life Sciences is the only European producer that can boast 30 years of specialist experience in the extraction of L-Tyrosine. Thanks to its clear-cut long-term strategy, BCF Life Sciences is a specialist player in the Tyrosine super premium segment and our customers benefit from guaranteed end-to-end traceability at the level of processes, methods and raw materials.

Since the company’s creation in 1986, we have always kept our promise not to outsource any of our products; consequently, all the L-Tyrosine sold by BCF Life Sciences is 100% manufactured by BCF Life Sciences in France.

    Jacques Pidoux / Chairman                                            Renaud Sergheraert / CEO

L-tyrosine is recommended as a precursor of neurotransmitters

L-tyr is a precursor of catecholamines (ex: dopamine) in the brain. L-tyrosine contributes to normal synthesis of dopamine, which is considered to be a beneficial physiological effect. L-tyr requirement of the central nervous system increases during periods of intense stress. The ability of L-tyr supplementation to enhance catecholamine synthesis has been established in a variety of animal and human studies.

  • The plasma L-tyr concentration is nearly doubled 1 hour after L-tyr ingestion.
  • In men, the ingestion of 14 g L-tyr induces a 89% increase of plasmatic concentration of dopamine within 45 minutes after ingestion.

L-tyr can be integrated in the treatment of mood disorders (ex: post-natal mood disorders). There is evidence that L-tyr can help to restore the neurobiological disturbances caused by anorexia nervosa and related eating disorders.

L-tyrosine can provide support for cognitive performance & stress condition

L-tyr is an effective enhancer of cognition when dopamine and/or norepinephrine is temporarily depleted. L-tyr administration has been proved to be very effective in fighting psychological or physical stress and improving cognitive performance, particularly in sleep-deprived subjects. There is evidence that L-tyr supplementation can improve facets of cognitive control in situations with high cognitive demands.

  • During cognitive tests, the intake of L-tyr reduced by 39% the percentage of false responses and increased participants’ accuracy (91.4% vs. 86.5% in placebo) (Colzato et al, 2013).

L-tyr appears to reverse blood pressure alterations due to stress and may therefore be protective when cardiovascular parameters are disturbed.

L-tyrosine is a precursor for melanin production

Sufficient L-tyr availability is crucial for melanins synthesis; L-tyr supplementation may have a desirable effect in animals when intensive colouring of the hair/feather is required. There is a relationship between plasma L-tyr levels and eumelanin content in the hair of black-pigmented coat kittens and puppies.

  • In cats, the L-phe+L-tyr requirement necessary for the prevention of visually discernible red hair in black-coated cats is more than twice the requirement for maximal growth initially proposed by the National Research Council (1986).
  • In puppies, the total L-phe+L-tyr content necessary to ensure an optimal black coat colour is also higher than the growth recommended allowance.

L-tyr supplementation might be advised during hair and feathers intense production periods, to enhance contrast and colour intensity.