BCF Life Sciences specialises in the extraction of natural amino acids (L-Cystine and L-Tyrosine) and their derivatives (Carbocisteine, etc.) of 100 % traced origin for the pharmaceutical and health care industries. BCF Life Sciences products are marketed by the leading names in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and baby foods.
BCF Life Sciences also develops and markets a range of highly soluble and highly bioavailable free amino acid mixes with very low molecular weights. The free amino acid mixes are intended for industrial customers specialising in human nutrition (aromatic raw materials for culinary preparations), animal nutrition (nutrition & health for veterinary applications, attractants for aquaculture, for example) and plant nutrition (foliar biostimulants).

French producer of natural amino acids

Leaders of the pharmaceutical and human & animal nutrition industries as well as the most exacting countries in the world have placed their trust in BCF Life Sciences.

We have been able to write our own success story by focussing 100% on total quality and innovation. We are convinced that value creation for our clients stems primarily from the commitment, know-how and stability of our teams. This is what drives us to constantly strive to be, become and remain our clients’ partner of choice.

Founded in 1986, BCF Life Sciences is committed to total quality, innovation and the development of exceptionally high-quality products. BCF Life Sciences achieves more than 60 % of its turnover overseas and numbers more than 145 employees. BCF Life Sciences has set itself the aim of supplying the safest, most suitable solutions to industries as demanding as those operating in the pharmaceutical, infant nutrition and animal nutrition-health.

Thanks to its complete control of the origin of its raw materials and its mastery of the necessary extraction and synthesis processes, BCF Life Sciences guarantees that its customers benefit from end-to-end production expertise, from the inputs (traceability of raw materials) through to the manufacture of the finished product. Unlike most of its competitors, BCF Life Sciences does not source any of its raw materials from Asia, and more particularly from China. All the products marketed by BCF Life Sciences are manufactured at the Boisel site in the Morbihan.

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Amino acids: scientific and technical documentation

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With their low molecular weight and high level of assimilation,

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