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An approach

continuous improvement and in-depth transformation of our Human Resources policy

We wish to provide our employees, customers, suppliers and partners with the most transparent and complete information possible on the CSR action plans that we have successfully implemented and also, of course, on all those – numerous – on which we still have a lot of progress to make.

Much more than a duty, Corporate Social Responsibility poses an absolutely strategic question for managers: what contribution does the company wish to make to its ecosystem, whether it be to its employees, its territory, the society of which it is a part, and to the preservation of the planet’s resources?

We are convinced that CSR responds first and foremost to the deep-seated need of each employee to find more meaning in his or her daily work and to achieve personal fulfilment in the service of a collective project driven by both the company’s values and our vision. It is our first duty to meet this expectation.

Our vision for BCF Life Sciences is based on a development project aimed at building a hyper-specialist, innovative company with recognised know-how (the extraction of free amino acids), with a strong international focus and operating in niche markets in human, animal and plant nutrition and health (biostimulants).

4 major axes

to anchor this approach
in our daily lives

Health and nutrition

To contribute with our products to improve the Nutrition-Health of people, animals and plants

Resource conservation and energy transition

Reducing our impact on the environment

Human & territorial development

The quality of life at work, the well-being of employees and our contribution to the economic development of our territory

Creating shared value

Creating shared value with our employees and partners
At the opening of the CIPF,

80% of employees have decided to invest and become shareholders

In May 2019, we decided to open up the capital of our company to employees in order to involve them even more closely in the company’s success. This is an absolutely exceptional performance for a company of our size (only 4% of French SMEs open their capital for a subscription rate of 50%).

If we have come through the Covid-19 crisis with growth and without slowing down our development projects, we owe it primarily to the commitment and attachment of our employees to our company.

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BCF Life Sciences,

contribute to human, animal and plant health and nutrition