A unique mix of 17 free amino acids

Free amino acids

for a profitable and sustainable agriculture

Approuvé par Ecocert

A unique mix of 17 natural free amino acids.

The origin of BCF Life Sciences’ products is a renewable bio-sourced raw material. This supply approach is part of a sustainable circular economy. From a single source, the poultry feather, the Amino Acids are extracted from the keratin, the unique matrix composing the feathers.

Our products are manufactured in France and approved by Ecocert for use in Organic Agriculture.

Our products are composed of 17 amino acids mainly in free form (aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, cystine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, lysine, histidine, arginine), serine, proline and glutamic acid being the Amino Acids present in the greatest quantity in our products.

These Amino Acids being in free form they penetrate directly through the roots and leaves. They are either used for protein synthesis and thus allow the production of proteins and enzymes necessary for the proper functioning of the plant or they have a biostimulant effect.

17 Free amino acids

Schéma acides aminés libres naturels
Fertilamine and Leafamine
The efficacy of our products

is proven by numerous trials elaborated by our agronomic R&D team in close collaboration with technical and scientific Centers and Universities.

Trials in 2021

Trials since 2017

Technical and scientific collaborations

Picto test laboratoire
Picto essais en serre
Picto validation au champs

From lab to fiel

Test en laboratoire
Lab tests
Essais en serre
Greenhouse trials
Validation au champ
Field validation
Communication scientifique
Scientific communications

A demonstrated performance

Pictos Améliore le rendement
Increase yield
• Boosts plant growth
• Secures yields
• Improves harvest quality
• Boosts photosynthesis
Résistance aux stress abiotiques
Abiotic stress resistance
• Reduces flower abortion
• Secures yields in hydric stresses
• Secures early growth in cold conditions
Picto Floribondité
• Early flowering
• Increases the number of flowering stems
Picto Favorise la microflore du sol
Promotes soil microflora
• Increases soil respiration
BCF Life Sciences

A comprehensive offer

Constant quality and composition
An integrated approach : Customized trainings and implementation of personalised trials
An environmentally-friendly production : Production part of circular economy

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