Contribute to human, animal and plant health and nutrition

Basic elements of proteins,

free amino acids are essential for life and for a satisfactory nutritional balance.

They also have numerous functionalities that are beneficial to health, both for the human species and for the animal and plant kingdoms.

The company designs and produces pure or mixed amino acids with proven performance properties, produced under the control of a rigorous quality approach with a permanent concern for continuous improvement.

of products sold in 2020 contribute to applications

to improve human health or the nutrition and health of animals and plants. This represents 88.5% of our turnover.

Our R&D team, specialised by market, is intensifying the Proven Performance approach both in terms of the number of studies carried out and scientific publications, enabling us to develop collaborations with customers and to support them in the development of new products that contribute to Nutrition and Health.

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Proven performance,

a research and development approach since 2017

In 2020, 51 trials were carried out in the various fields to better understand the mechanisms of action and specify the performance of ingredients and active ingredients. The R&D teams rely on collaborative work with public and private research teams located in Europe, South East Asia and Latin America. All trials carried out are subject to the prior approval of an ethics committee.

In 2020, 7 articles were published in technical and scientific journals and since 2018, 6 patents have been filed to protect the company’s know-how.

At the heart of our action,

quality and our certifications

Our strategy, focused on the Pharmaceutical and Nutrition-Health markets, aims to make BCF Life Sciences a hyperspecialist recognized by its customers for its unique and innovative nutritional solutions in terms of “traced” Quality aimed at :

To guarantee and promote the highest level of control of the upstream chain, food safety and traceability for all our products.
Guarantee perfect compliance ("tracing") of the key stages of the processes to ensure the safety of the finished products, their bio-assimilation and their regularity batch after batch.
Ensure that each batch shipped is analysed and released in accordance with the required analytical methods and according to methods known to the customers.
Ensure that each analysis is validated and communicable to the client to ensure the best possible quality of service.
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Our progress in

2 areas for continuous improvement

Continuously improve the quality of our products

to meet our customers' requirements

Increasing our production capacity

to support our clients' growth.

The operational reliability that we aim to achieve encompasses the aspects of safety, quality, environment and customer service rate.

To meet these two challenges, we rely on operational excellence and performance management. This performance management is implemented in a coherent and coordinated manner and irrigates each sector of the plant. It links the company’s strategy to each production line.

Each year, around ten operational objectives are defined for the industrial perimeter covering the requirements of operational reliability (Safety, Quality, Environment, Service rate and capacity development).

Amelioration produits en continu
Continuous improvement and

outlook for 2022

Continue to develop the quality culture on the site and make the quality system more reliable
Strengthen co-development with customers
Promote the proven effectiveness of our products and their contribution to nutrition and health and to the environment to our customers
Preservation of resources and energy transition

Ecodesign at the heart of all our activities and projects