History continues to be made every day

It all began in the 1980s,

the Guyomarc'h group decided to make use of the co-products from its poultry industry.


Several companies were created to process the hearts, livers, viscera and feathers from the Guyomarc’h group’s poultry slaughterhouses. Bretagne Chimie Fine was therefore created in 1986 to extract L-Cystine from the Keratin naturally contained in feathers.


The company set up in Pleucadeuc thanks to the efforts of Jo Briend, the Mayor at the time, who, with the participation of the local inhabitants, had implemented a very active policy of popular capitalism with a view to attracting as many companies as possible to the area.


The two current directors (Jacques Pidoux and Renaud Sergheraert), together with the Lagarde family, invested in the company.


Cerea Partner acquired a stake in the company.


The management decided to open the capital to employees by setting up a FCPE 2 : 25% of employees decide to invest.


The company adopts and deploys its 5 values: respect for the customer, quality, safety, environment, autonomy and cooperation.


The French investment fund MBO & CO invested with the management to accelerate the company’s development project.


The company went further by offering employees the opportunity to become shareholders of the company again by opening a new FCPE and setting up a very attractive matching contribution: 80% of employees became shareholders and the company was awarded the FAS grand prize for employee share ownership in the SME category in December 2019.

Progress in our hands

Our Proudest Achievements

BCF Life Science signs the Responsible Care® Charter and begins its CSR approach
Implementation of the 1st "Quality of Life at Work" barometer
Commissioning of two new workshops, including the second drying tower.
Vision and strategy

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