Reflecting together to go further

At BCF Life Sciences,

sharing our vision is essential

Global hyperspecialist

To become a hyperspecialist in our strategic markets of Human Health, Biostimulant and Aqualculture through the proven performance of our products


To build a company whose growth develops the territory and in which each employee finds in our collective project the means to fulfil himself.
This vision is based on

4 strategic ambitions

These ambitions are based on our social responsibility, reducing our environmental impact and creating shared value.

  • Average annual growth in turnover
  • Proven performance of our products & solutions
  • An industrial site that embodies our operational excellence
  • An innovative company recognised by its ecosystem
At BCF Life Sciences,

we grow together through 5 common values

In addition to sharing the economic value created, our aim is to involve employees as much as possible in the company’s future projects and success.

Placing the client at the center of all our actions

We exist thanks to our clients

Everyday enhancing quality by continuous improvement

The field is always right

Placing the team before the individual: priority on cooperation

What matters to us is the ability to work with others

Thinking out of the box: making the impossible possible

Resisting to the easy path "we’ve already tried, it’s never going to work"

Being an open company that is curious and openly talking about its habits

What if others had better ideas than ours?
To translate our vision into action

We have defined 4 priorities for engagement

They are intended to permeate all our activities.

We are convinced that these four priorities contribute to the sustainability of the company and must be translated into actions whose impact is measured and monitored by our key indicators.

Issues related to our activities

Supplies, production, distribution and uses...


Supply of provisions  




Employees / Environment / Territories

Distribution et utilisation des produits



Our market segments

To contribute, through our product offering, to human, animal and plant health and nutrition