We only sell what we produce.

BCF Life Sciences recovers free amino acids from keratin on its production site through a unique and complex industrial process.

All our products are tested according to their field of application.

Numerous tests have been carried out in various fields to better understand the mechanisms of action and specify the performance of ingredients and active principles.

A team of hyper-specialists

Our sales team works closely with our R&D team to get the best training on the technicality of our products.
Fabriqué en France
BCF Life Sciences

is developing a product offering focused on its contribution to human, animal and plant health and nutrition.

Free Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of proteins and are essential for life and a satisfactory nutritional balance. They also have many functions that are beneficial to health, both for humans and for the animal and plant kingdoms.

Food supplements

Food supplements

L-Cystine incorporated in dietary supplements helps support the growth and vitality of hair and nails.
Infant & Medical Nutrition

Infant & Medical Nutrition

Products that guarantee a balanced free amino acids profile in hypoallergenic (HA) and anallergenic (AA) milks.


BCF Life Sciences : only European company synthesizing Carbocistein from L-Cystine produced on its site.


A range of products dedicated to aquaculture to enhance feed attractiveness and improve growth of shrimps and fish.
Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture

Plant biostimulant solutions for a more sustainable agriculture. A unique mix of 17 natural free amino acids.
A development project

to build a hyper-specialist and innovative company

Our vision for BCF Life Sciences is based on a development project aimed at building a hyper-specialist, innovative company with recognized know-how (free amino acid extraction), strongly oriented towards international markets and operating in niche markets in human, animal or plant nutrition and health (biostimulants).



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For many years we have been committed to

a process of continuous improvement and in-depth transformation of our Human Resources policy.

We are convinced that CSR responds first and foremost to the deep-seated need of each employee to find more meaning in his or her daily work and to achieve personal fulfilment in the service of a collective project driven by both the values of the company and the vision of its management.


To contribute, through our product offering, to human, animal and plant health and nutrition.


Putting eco-design at the heart of all our activities and projects to reduce our carbon footprint.


Commitment to the health and well-being at work of our employees and to the attractiveness of the region.


To be a source of economic and social value creation for our ecosystem (our industry, our employees, our territory) and grow together.
Recrutement BCF Life Sciences
Equipe technicien BCF Life Sciences
Alone we go faster,

at 200 we go further

It is essential that our employees find the quality of life they expect for themselves and their families in the region. In addition to creating jobs, we want to develop a positive territorial footprint, reducing our impact on the neighbourhood and contributing to the social and environmental issues of our region.

BCF Life Sciences has created nearly a hundred direct jobs in 12 years, for a total of 550 jobs; in fact, one job created in the industry generates 1.5 indirect jobs (through the activity of the plant) and 3 induced jobs (through the consumption of the employees hired).