Our solutions make Shrimp & Fish stronger to overcome challenges

Kera Aqua

BCF Life Sciences is a pioneer of circular economy and ensure the valorisation of poultry keratin in high functional ingredients can be considered in aquafeed formulation matrix for a more sustainable aquaculture industry. We also contribute for protecting the marine resources of being exploited by being a circular ingredient-expert company for aqua feed.

Kera-Stim stimulate physiological activities to overcome shrimp and fish challenges.


A unique mix of functional amino acids for Aqua

A unique amino acids profile

BCF Life Sciences has developed a tailor-made solution with a unique mix of 17 free amino acids (AA). These AA are belonging to essential AA and non-essential AA categories, but in addition, some of them are also functional AA, which are defined as those AA that participate in and regulate key metabolic pathways to improve health, survival and growth for aqua species.

The supplementation of this unique combination of functional AA provides direct benefits to overcome health challenges in relation with diseases, oxygen transportation, moulting management and water quality evolution, but also indirect benefits with strong attractant properties conferring higher feed intake and feed efficiency for shrimp and fish. The conjunction of all these benefits obtained through nutrition generates higher survival and biomass production for a higher profitability and moreover reducing the carbon footprint in the aqua value-chain.

81% of the total amino acids
12 functional amino acids

Kera-Stim® range

Liquid and powder form products
3 levels of protein concentration

KeraStim 20

Form : Liquid
Protein : 20% AA
Application : Inclusion & coating

KeraStim 50

Form : Powder
Protein : 50% AA
Application : Inclusion

KeraStim 88

Form : Powder
Protein : 88% AA
Application : Inclusion

From circular economy to proven performance

Our products are supported by

a strong Proven Performance policy based on :

  • A partnership with more than 10 Universities and Research centers
  • 40 monitored trials in Shrimp
  • 18 monitored trials in Fish
  • 5 Scientific publications
  • 15 Conferences in congresses
  • 16 technical publications
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Why choose Kera Aqua ?


Valorisation of local natural protein source

Marine sourcing reduction

Carbon footprint reduction

Innovative approach and Unique products

First Company to provide functional amino acids for Aquafeed

Our solutions bring 81% of total natural amino acids available on free form

Functional amino acids to overcome farm and industry challenges

Water stress resistance (Oxygen transportation, osmoregulation)

Natural barriers strengthening (moulting, mucus production, immune response)

Attraction (chemodetection, feed intake)

Feed Efficiency (instant assimilation, high in vivo digestibility)

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Breeding in Ecuador

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