L-Cystine L-Tyrosine
and Carbocistéine

The L-Cystine produced at our site (site registered pursuant to regulation 852/2004) is of non-human origin. Our L-Cystine possesses a ASMF confirming that its quality corresponds to the standard required by the European Pharmacopeia.

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Carbocisteine is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that is synthesized from L-Cystine.

Unlike the majority of Carbocisteine manufacturers, our strategy since the company was founded in 1986 has been to use only L-Cystine produced at our site during the manufacture of our Carbocisteine, and therefore not to outsource any of the activities involved.

The use of our own L-Cystine enables us to guarantee a very high-quality product and offer unrivalled traceability.

The L-Cystine, L-Tyrosine and Carbocisteine supplied by BCF Life Sciences comply with the European Pharmacopeia.

L-Tyrosine pauvre en phenilalanine